We are the Nanowolves, a team of undergraduates, and a high school student from North Carolina State University competing in BIOMOD 2018.


In the video below, you will have the chance to witness a brief overview of our work, both in and out of the laboratory, that has culminated in our creation of functional RNA origami that has potential to be used in biomedical applications, particularly in preventing the blood clotting process. During summer, we, NanoWolves, have spent hours designing, building, and testing functional RNA origami, running nearly a hundred gels, and watching with both joy and tension as beads move back and forth in the cuvettes of our coagulometer.

Please enjoy the video below that explains our project. This website is dedicated to explaining that project in more detail, but please do not hesitate to contact us (see the page "Meet the NanoWolves" for contact information) if you have any further comments or questions. We hope you enjoy your visit with the NanoWolves.